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Individual Sniffing Control

A premium service for your corks.

We value every step
of the process.

Why us?

R.CORK is a proficient company operating in the cork sector, with know-how to achieve every goal in different types of projects in the bottling area. Ready to provide the best bottling solutions under competitive conditions, R.CORK’s team of professionals will be your next ally on your journey.

With eyes set on the future, and constant commitment to our customers, R.CORK marks its position in the market through quality, innovation and production control.

R.CORK works with all types of cork stoppers with exceptional specifications with regard to:

– Bottling performance
– Sensory properties
– Product safety (food quality)
– Traceability

R.CORK aims to be not just a supplier but a partner for your business!

Committed to sustainability, R.CORK works together with innovation and know-how to provide its customers with the most ecological options available on the market.

Cork is an 100% natural material, whose life cycle begins in nature, in the bark of a tree, the Cork Oak.

The Cork Oak is a great example of enhancing biodiversity. Its permanence is extremely important for the sustainability of our planet.

Not only are cork oak forests a unique ecosystem for semi-arid areas, they also absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, highlighting their extreme importance for sustainability.

Given the admirable properties of cork and cork oak, R.CORK proudly assumes its negative ecological footprint, working in a circular economy, using renewable natural materials.

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