Product description

For a stable pressure that will ensure your wine will stay fresh for longer!

This type of stopper consists of a body of agglomerated cork and two natural cork discs placed at one end of each stopper.
The larger diameter agglomerated cork body guarantees a long-term sealing capacity and allows it to resist high pressure inside the bottle.
The end with the natural cork discs is in contact with the wine, in order to ensure that the drink will only be in contact with a high-quality natural cork component.
The visual quality levels are defined by the quality of the cork discs, namely, Nectar, Star, Extra and Select.
The agglomerated body of the 0+2 champagne and sparkling cork stoppers by R.Cork are produced from selected premium natural cork, to ensure the best sensory behavior.

Key Benefits:
  • Top of the range stopper for sparkling wines and champagne
  • Long-term sealing ability