Product description

A versatile cutting-edge cork with individually controlled production!

OM stoppers are produced by individual molding for greater homogeneity and between batches and better mechanical behavior (compression / recovery).
The OM series and its different levels were developed to allow the winemaker to decide the best option for his wine.

TCA free

OM stoppers do not present TCA risks. The selection exhaustive of the raw materials and the use of a process of disinfecting micro granules last for generating eliminate the risk of contamination and excellent levels of sensory neutrality.
This process guarantees levels of 2, 4, 6 – TCA below the limit of possible quantification by modern chromatography equipment (<0.3 ng / L).

Oxygen Ingress Control

The OM Series (Oxygen Management) allows selecting the appropriate stopper according to the u Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR).
So, depending on the characteristics of your wine, you can select the OM stopper that will guarantee the best evolution in the bottle.

Key Benefits:
  • Top-of-the-range technical corks
  • TCA-free (innovative disinfection technology)
  • Oxygen Ingress Control